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Get your start in musical theatre right here on the Gold Coast

If you love drama, singing, and dancing, you’ll almost certainly love our musical theatre classes. You’ll get to learn and practice singing, drama, and movement to musicals. Often referred to by actors as the ‘triple threat’, learning musical theatre gives you the advantage of being an actor, singer, and dancer. This ‘triple threat’ opens many more opportunities in the performing arts and entertainment industry.

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Many cities, including the Gold Coast, have high-quality amateur theatre groups that put on regular productions. We have helped many students get started in various skills in the field of performing arts and musical theatre, skills you can use for a lifetime.

Singing and dancing can be as effective as going to a gym for a fitness ritual. So, if gym or traditional sports aren’t your thing, why not give musical theatre a go?

Musical theatre is perfect for Kids, as it gives them several skills that they will be proud of. If your child has a desire to sing or learn an instrument and/or loves being active and energetic, bring them down to meet Our Team and try out one of our classes in musical theatre.

We also have musical theatre classes for Adults, so don’t be shy!

Musical theatre has many benefits

There are many social and physical benefits from learning and participating in musical theatre. At Showbiz Express Circus and Dance you’ll gain not only the skills, but the confidence necessary to pursue musical theatre professionally if you wish to.

If you’re searching for a fun activity for your child, musical theatre may be the answer.

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Modern circuses have much to offer for young and old. Famous productions like Cirque du Soleil and Circus Oz have introduced a fresh and dynamic circus experience to a new generation, and renewed interest for adults to learn circus and dance skills.

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Popular circus productions such as Circus Oz and Cirque du Soleil have popularised traditional circus experiences into sophisticated light and sound productions designed to appeal as much to adults as to children.


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