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All our aerial classes are suitable for beginners and advanced, Adults and Kids.


Silks combine the skills of gymnastics and dancing in a unique fitness alternative that incorporates silks for a graceful aerial performance. Silks are a great way to build upper body and lower body strength.

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Lyra (aerial hoop)

Suspend yourself in the air and perform a repertoire of tricks using a circular steel apparatus called a lyra.


This circus classic uses a short horizontal bar hung from a roof or support structure by straps and used to perform static swinging or flying manoeuvres. Trapeze acts can be performed solo, as a duo, or even with multiple people. Trapeze is the name of the aerial equipment used of which there are 5 main different types:

  • Static (fixed). Performances are done on a single bar and the ropes stay mostly in place.
  • Dance (single-point trapeze). The emphasis on this type of trapeze act is to perform dance like tricks. This style is more artistic and influenced by contemporary dance.
  • Swinging
  • Similar to the swinging trapeze, the flying acrobat, known as the ‘flyer’ swings and jumps from one bar to another one.
  • Multiple (2 or more trapeze joined together side by side or vertically)

Learn all kinds of circus skills – right here on the Gold Coast

Our professional Oxenford based studios provide a safe and supportive environment for all levels. Come for fun and develop new skills while getting one of the best fitness workouts available for strength, balance, and agility.

If aerials are not your thing, we also have classes in Dance, Acrobatics, Circus Skills, and even in Musical Theatre.

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Dance And Circus School | Gold Coast | Showbiz Express Circus & Dance | Adults


Modern circuses have much to offer for young and old. Famous productions like Cirque du Soleil and Circus Oz have introduced a fresh and dynamic circus experience to a new generation, and renewed interest for adults to learn circus and dance skills.

Dance And Circus School | Gold Coast | Showbiz Express Circus & Dance | Kids


Popular circus productions such as Circus Oz and Cirque du Soleil have popularised traditional circus experiences into sophisticated light and sound productions designed to appeal as much to adults as to children.


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