Learn professional acrobatics on the Gold Coast

If you’ve ever wanted to learn acrobatics, you’ve come to the right place. At Showbiz Express Circus and Dance, you’ll learn acrobatic circus skills with a professional and supportive team in a fun and safe environment.

The social benefits of acrobatics go beyond just making new friends. Acrobatics instil trust, patience, self-respect, and the important lesson of accepting not being able to succeed perfectly all the time and taking pride in all types of achievements. Memorising routines and interacting with our team and other students, helps develop and improve cognitive skills.

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Tumbling includes cartwheels, forward and backward walkovers, handsprings, and backflips. Gain confidence, strength, and flexibility.

Balance/Partner work

Balancing requires eyes and ears working together with the body’s awareness of where it is on space. Balancing also helps develop the skeletal system.

Human Pyramid

The ultimate in acrobatic teamwork. This skilled and interactive activity is often seen in gymnastics and cheerleading. A human pyramid is made by participants kneeling together in a row to form a base to support additional standing or kneeling layers of participants.


A perfect cross training exercise that will increase upper body strength and help you learn how to use your core and abdominal stabiliser muscles.


Take balancing and handstands a step further with the always impressive skill of flipping.

Each member of Our Team has impressive credentials in the field of Performing Arts.

Give your kids a positive outlet for their natural potential

Learn these fun skills in a safe environment with the right instruction and equipment. All our trainers hold a Bluecard and we always have a trained first aid person on site.

If acrobatics is not your thing, we also have classes in Dance, Aerials, Circus Skills, and even in Musical Theatre.

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Modern circuses have much to offer for young and old. Famous productions like Cirque du Soleil and Circus Oz have introduced a fresh and dynamic circus experience to a new generation, and renewed interest for adults to learn circus and dance skills.

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Popular circus productions such as Circus Oz and Cirque du Soleil have popularised traditional circus experiences into sophisticated light and sound productions designed to appeal as much to adults as to children.


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